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The Penumbra
Tips and Troubleshooting
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Worlds 3D Mods. There are several Modifications you can do to Worlds program. You can Build Worlds, Create and Import Actions and Customize Avatars. Each has its own unique difficulties and challenges. There are several Worlds files and folders you should become aquainted with before trying to modify youe worlds reality.

Worlds.ini This is the file where your current start up data is found. It contains such information as to your current avatar and data reads are stored from.

Avatars.Dir This Folder contains Files such as the bod and seq files needed for the avatar construction. It also contains the Avatars.Dat file.

Avatars.dat file is the data that links the avatar to its action set. This is the file that will be modified to allow you to add and change actions for your avatar.

Cachedir.dir is the folder that contains all the streamed data. Many New Worlds files are added through this folder.

the *.temp file in the Cachedir folder is the file that determines which avatars are filtered out and not allowed to be used such as Cybert and Zen.

List of Tips

General Tips:

Tip 1:Always make a back up of any file you are going to modify
Tip 2
Tip 3