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The Penumbra
StarShip World
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This is a Custom  World Loosely based on a Startrek theme. It has several floors including a bridge, a bar, a large avatar gallery, a med bay and several working transporters.  In the near future it will have a Shuttle bay, living quarters and an engenering deck.  You can use its many computer startions to surf the web, watch movies, see my own artwork or read stories I wrote.

 To use this World:
1. First make a folder in your worlds director called Tailspinners and place att thes files directly into it. Unzip all zipfiles directly into the folder so None of this worlds files are in a subfolder of your Tailspinners World folder.
Some unzip programs may try to create a sub folder as you unzip them, if so just move these files into your tailspinners main folder.

This is the Main World file. (Updated on 7/14/12)... Its named after the Bar that became the starting point of the world.

This is the first set of textures used in this World. The textures are in gif form placed in a file called

These are the Mov textures used in my world. Tailsmov.txt put the in your avatars directory. the rest in the tailspinners folder.

These are the CMP files used for the objects and some of the wallls. it is called

These are the objects that are being used in Tailspinners. TAILSOBJ.Zip

Other individual objects , many are in the above zip.

Object :Jeff Wayne's Tripod in rwx form

Object: Jupiter2 in full scale in RWX form. caution this is FULL SCALE! (IMPROVED)

Art for a Hell Raiser world im planning