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The Penumbra
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Short Stories that are part of an Antology Novel im working on:

The Trider War:

The Hunt: The story of a Savage encountering a Demon during a hunt
Sins of the Sons:   A deadly assassin is sent to kill a future dictator and save the human race.
Sound of Creation:   A team of scientists test a new and revolutionary Drive system, unknown that Others have plans of their own for this new and dangerous technology and will stop at nothing to posess its secrets.

World Gone Mad:  A rescue on a plague planet goes horribly wrong.

WindSwept: A planet of perpetual storms holds the key to survival.

The Homecomming. A warhero must decide between duty or family. The wrong choice could be fatal.

Fall of Empires: The Trider War rages on with massive casuilties. Mans only hope is to make a stand at Signas X1 with the combined fleets of their former enemies. Who is trustworthy and who will survive?

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